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We have two variables named ID and Score. ID is a numeric variable and the Score is a character variable. By default, SAS date and time variables are printed using the SAS internal values, rather than a "human-readable" date format. However, dates can be displayed using any chosen format by setting the format in a data step or proc step. (For a full listing of date-time formats, see About SAS Date, Time, and Datetime Values.) In our data set, the variable name has a length of 7 characters and therefore uses 7 bytes of storage. All numeric variables have a default length of 8.

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This code will be used in the next step to redefine the length of each character variable. ASSIGNING REDUCED LENGTH The final step is to use the previously created code to assign a reduced length to each character 2021-04-22 Variable length. The "length" of a variable in SAS corresponds to the number of bytes for storing variables (source: SAS 9.2 Language Reference: LENGTH Statement). The default number of bytes for both numeric and character variables is 8.

Last $9. Sex $2. City $16.

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Note: If you use any characters other the ones that are valid when VALIDVARNAME=V7 (letters, numeric digits, or underscores), then you must express the variable name as a name literal and you must set VALIDVARNAME=ANY. By default, SAS scans 20 rows to determine the appropriate data type and length for the columns. Sample Dataset The sample data is shown in the image below. We have two variables named ID and Score.


The precision of a numeric variable is closely tied to its length, especially when the variable contains fractional values. You can safely shorten variables that contain integers according to the rules that are given in the SAS documentation for your operating environment, but shortening variables that contain fractions may eliminate important precision.

For numeric columns, the valid lengths are usually 3 through 8. The longer the length, the greater the precision allowed within the column values. The default length of numeric variables in SAS data sets is 8 bytes. (You can control the length of SAS numeric variables with the LENGTH or ATTRIB statements in the DATA step.) The issue of numeric precision affects the return values of almost all SAS math functions and many numeric values returned from SAS procedures.
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Subsequent characters can be English letters, numeric digits, or underscores. A variable name cannot contain blanks. If the value of a variable becomes large or has many significant digits, you may lose precision when saving the results of arithmetic calculations if the length of a variable is less than 8 bytes. The maximum number of variables in a single SAS data set under Windows is 32,767. The maximum length of any character variable in SAS is 32,767 bytes. For numeric variables, you can change the length of the variable by using a subsequent LENGTH statement. sas variable-length  Share.

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Notice that we apply variable attributes modifications to one table at a time; that table name is specified in the modify statement of the proc datasets. sas documentation: Variable Length. Parameter Details; variable(s) variable(s) you wish to assign a length to $ optional parameter that specifies if your variable is a character variable 2015-05-01 · Here is how you can preserve variable name and position on the data set - Changing variable type and variable length in SAS datasets. Reply Michelle Homes on May 5, 2015 2:28 pm 2016-11-16 · To get the distinct lengths of the character variables, the %TRIMDS macro creates SAS code based on the values in the dataset trm_vars. To do this the macro creates a temporary FILEREF and then writes SAS code for each variable in the datasets being processed to calculate the maximum length value of the variables. Se hela listan på Numeric Variables The default length of numeric variables in SAS data sets is 8 bytes. (You can control the length of SAS numeric variables with the LENGTH statement in the DATA step.) In the SAS System under OS/2, the OS/2 data type of numeric values that have a length of 8 is LONG REAL.

See "SAS Variables" in SAS Language Reference: Concepts for information on assigning lengths to variables. z6.
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av L Selin · 2019 · Citerat av 18 — Full length article| Volume 32, ISSUE 4, P356-363, August 01, 2019 (SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL, USA) and SAS 9.4 (SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC, USA).